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As Internet traffic continues to grow at exponential rates worldwide, Internet services providers (ISP's) everywhere are faced with the challenge of keeping up with demand for network bandwidth and developing creative solutions for squeezing more use out of existing bandwidth.

Introduced in the mid 1990s, satellite Internet became the first mainstream consumer wireless Internet service. Satellite access initially worked only in one direction, for downloading information. Subscribers needed to install a standard dialup modem and use a telephone line in conjunction with the satellite to make a functional system. Newer forms of satellite service remove this limitation and support full two-way connectivity.

Computer World concluded through a 1998 Pioneer Consulting report, "Satellites will emerge as a global option for broadband Internet services. Demand is expected to push this fledgling market to 39.6 million subscriber homes by 2007." According to The New York Times, "Thousands of businesses, schools and Internet Service Providers in remote areas have opted for satellite access to the Internet, because landlines are either unavailable or too expensive.

Satellite communication has the unique ability to deliver bandwidth exactly where and when it is needed, irrespective of geography and local infrastructure. It is therefore becoming the natural high speed transport medium for a wide range of IP and multimedia applications the world over, whether for consumer or business applications - and at speeds of 4Mbit/s per user for Internet access and at up to 40Mbit/s per transponder for services such as data broadcasting.

BWireless offers a full range of Internet over Satellite Solutions for the most different needs. BWireless combines its innovative business knowledge with industry leading satellite technology to create connectivity solutions that precisely fulfill any medium or large business need. BWireless has customized solutions according to subscriber needs, we can provide shared or CIR connections ranging from 64Kbps up to 4Mbps at very reasonable rates.

Our company builds on its ability to develop and fabricate solutions indigenously. which results in considerable cost benefit to our subscribers. We have tested several satellite service providers for our region, only to chose the best alternatives for our valued subscribers. At BWireless, we believe that speed alone is not enough, Because Speed Without Quality is Nothing. "Quality + Speed = BWireless"

If you would like a BWireless professional to make a proposal for your specific project, just send an email or call Us and briefly describe what you are looking for exactly.



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